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•பிற்பகல் 11:01
I have so many thing in my mind, many in my heart, many on my subconscious, few on my conscious… some time I use to feel that I am the great philosopher… some time I feel I am the holy man… some time feel like I am the only sin in this world….

See, I thought of writing some understandable or some useful information in my first post, however I have started my own story….

Mmmm..., ok, I am coming back… can you imagine why I am thinking like this…?
.... .........
Yes… you are right… yes - I can here your voice of mind… what ever you said about me is your feeling about you in your inner mind- The same may be applicable for me.

Yes, that’s why I am planning to share all my thoughts, ideas, my view about various things, my feelings & my XYZ etc experience.

Don’t think that I will blade you like this in my all post, I have many interesting story for you.
Wait for my next post.
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