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•முற்பகல் 12:22
My childhood is very special, because I had lots and lots of enjoyment in that time, the same time many problems laid on the other side, however I never feel I was in/with problem… I like to thank god for setting my mind like that.

Do you know why the problem coming for you? Why others hurting you? Why others insulting you? Why others miss behave with you?

It’s all because of you, if you do not understand others feelings/problem/character/burden then you will get all the above questions…

You may ask ‘why I need to understand others?’ – Good… then you should not care about others word…
else try to understand, why they/he/she like that? What you did? What they need? What you have not given? What you forgot? In simple- stand on their shoe and look at your face very closely…

I am sure … you will feel bad about the things you did… I am sure you can understand the problem very well.

No one in this world tries to spoil their own mood, so, no one will be hard with you when you have not done anything.

There are reasons for all; you try to be away from the scene of reason or understand the same to avoid in future.